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Babyliss G940 IPL Laser Hair Removal Homelight

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Babyliss G940E Homelight Connected Lazer Epilasyon


Yeni Nesil "Akıllı" Epilasyon

BaByliss Homelight teknolojisi ile evde ışıklı epilasyonun yeni çağı başlıyor.

Teknolojisi geliştirilen,daha kısa sürede daha etkili sonuçlar sunan Babyliss Homelight 130.000 ışık atımlı modeli artık akıllı telefonlarla da senkronize oluyor.Bu sayede, cihazda kaç ışık atımı kullanıldığını görebilir,vücut bölgesine göre bir sonraki seansın planlamasını yapabilir hatta seansı haber vermesini isteyebilirsiniz.


Ürün Özellikleri

130.000 flaş atımı

Çok uzun ömürlü quartz ampulü

App Store veya Google Play"den indirilen özel uygulaması sayesinde kişiselleştirilmiş takip sistemi

Akıllı telefon uygulaması içeriği:

1.Epilasyon aletine bağlanma

2.Uygulama öncesi bilgilendirme soruları

3.Vücudun epilasyon yapılacak alanını seçme

4.O anda yapılan uygulamanın durumu(flaş sayısı)

5.Seans notları

İki farklı kullanma modu


-Sürekli flaş atma modu(36 flaş/dk.)

2.Hedefli atım

-Manuel flaş modu

Işık atım seviyesi rehberi

Cilt türünüze göre 5 ışık atım seviyesi

Temas Sensörü

Yüz ve hassas bölgeler için özel başlık

Koruyucu gözlük

Evde güvenli kullanım için özel ayarlanmış ışık atım seviyesi

Akıllı Telefon Uygulaması

Öncelikle cihaza bağlanın.

Soruları Cevaplayın.

Flaş atımlarını takip edin.

Kaydırma Modu

Hedefli Atım Modu

Ultraviyole ışın içermez

Koruyucu Gözlük

Temas Sensörü

Işık Atım Seviyesi Rehberi

Yüz ve Hassas Bölgeler İçin Özel Başlık




Specifications Babyliss G940 IPL
Product description
The epilator Homelight Connected G940 is gently and painlessly get rid of unwanted body hair, thanks to pulse light hair removal IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). In such treatment absorbs melanin (pigment contained in the hair), pulsed light, feeds them into the pouch, where the light is converted into heat. Thermal effects painlessly destroys the hair root and prevents its further growth. This scientifically proven method to quickly bring lasting results. Hair removal is used to remove unwanted body hair (especially on the legs and arms) in sensitive areas (underarms, bikini line in) and the face (cheeks, lips, chin) thanks to precise filter, which is included. The epilator IPL G940 can use Bluetooth network connection (no need to recharge during epilation).
Quartz technology Lifetime:
Epilator is equipped with a light head that is thanks to this technology very powerful and has an exceptionally long life. The light head is extremely durable and can take a very long time. Built lamp will guarantee results for several years.
Quartz Lamp Technology Lifetime: 130 000 flashes - enough for the whole period of treatment, there is no need to purchase additional lamps
clinically proven efficacy - 90% fewer hairs
removal of unwanted body hair (especially on the legs and arms) in sensitive areas (underarms, bikini line in) and the face (cheeks, lips, chin)
effective on 5-phototype (I to V)
applications for smart phones for easy viewing epilation
 - Fitzpatrick scale phototypes on the rear
contact sensors check the correct positioning of the device to the skin (after correct positioning allows you to transmit light pulses)
goggles (for use on the face)
GLISS mode - automatically emitted pulses (36 pulses / min)
PRECISION - precision mode allows for the safe treatment of the least accessible and most sensitive parts of your body (face, underarms, bikini ...)
Application window 3 cm2
automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of inactivity
Compact and lightweight
ergonomic handle
network connection (no need to recharge during epilation)
Treatment plan:
to achieve better results, plan ahead individual treatments
the first treatment must be made at intervals of 2 weeks
further treatment should take place in an interval of 4 weeks until the desired result
Usage: 1. Select the intensity level (removable guide will help you choose your level of intensity treatment device according to the color of your skin). 2. Prepare your skin for treatment (skin should be shaved, clean, dry and free from all traces of powder or deodorant). 3. Turn on the device and adjust the intensity level. Push head light on skin that together are in full contact. When the light head in full contact with the skin, "Ready" will blink. 4. Press the switch. For devices comes a flash of light. You can feel the gentle warmth and tingling. 5. Move the light head to another area and continue application.
Do not expose the treated area to the sun. Protect your skin with protective cream filter during the entire treatment cycle, min. 2 weeks poposlední epilation.
Approximate length of treatment:
calf (8-10 min)
Leg (15 min)
bikini area (2 min)
armpits (1 min)
Epilation results:
the first results are usually visible after the fourth treatment, a significant reduction of hair occurs after the ninth or the tenth treatment
efficiency of the device varies depending on the type of skin of humans and biological factors which may influence the cycle of hair growth
Special filters for face
protection glasses
AC adapter
instructions for use


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Babyliss G940 IPL Laser Hair Removal Homelight

Babyliss G940 IPL Laser Hair Removal Homelight

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